Brooklyn Museum_Mini-task

1. How is meaning conveyed by the artist in your selected piece; is it through color? composition? Symbols?
This artwork is the combination of needlework on the box, a doll, and a book to place random and also use bright color. This artwork shows the small piece of our life, the artist wants to tell us every small memory of our life is precious. Those small interests become her spiritual sustenance because of her physical disabilities.

2. How would you express your feelings of being in a new space or culture using specific materials, shapes, or objects? Think of ways to translate something abstract/intangible into a tangible form?
I think the purpose is the most important thing before you start to make a new project, and figure out your core idea for your project. I may use some special material to make my project like plastic, froth. And I also will change the color of my artwork to express my idea.

3. How does the piece you selected relate to your own critical object that you are designing for your partner?
I think the common of the artwork I choose and the critical object is both ideas come from the detail of our life. The artwork is a way to express human emotion, the artwork is also made for people in another way. The purpose I make my critical object is to provide a personal space for her which is suit for her characteristic. Every detail in our life can be art.

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