The x of xx- Title:I Remember

I am the closest friend with xx. She was born in April. I was born in May. I knew her when I was fifteen which is my first year of high school. I remember the first time I talked with her in English class. I remember I always waited for her near the locker before lunch. I remember she always taught me geometry because I am bad with math. I remember we always talked about gossip after school. I remember she always sleepover at my house during the weekend. I remember we always shared about which boy we like in the quit. I remember we always traveled together during the spring break. I remember we did not talk with each other for a while for a big argue. I remember she told me she will always by my side when I feel sad because I miss home. I remember we vowed to be each other’s bridesmaid during our wedding. I have so many memory about her, those part are scattered. but every piece is meaningful to me. We are witnessed in each other’s growth. I always have so many things want to share with her. But time is changing, life always will bring people apart. Now, she is in California. I am in New York. We are in a different city. We are in a different school. We are in different weather. We are 2,441 miles apart, between six and half hours flight, and three hours time difference. We can not talk with each other like before because we always have your own affairs to attend to. But we always have each other in deep of our heart. There have so many ways to define what is the friend. To be honest, I do not how to define this either. I only know a real friend does not need to have a lot of contracts, but when something happens you will know she always by your side.

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