Artful Replica- Title: The Light Returner

Title: The Light Returner

Original myth :

Prometheus stole fire to people

The 3 images:

My new modern version:

In 2100, the world is controlled by a villain who is the person stole all light from the world. He is gifted and he can absorb the light when he passed a place. He called himself “Hopelesser”. People struggle through the day. But the day had ready is heaven for them. The night time is a real hell for them. All the light is gone,  and the hope the disappear subsequently. Under his rule, the only way to get light is to exchange the soul to Hopelesser. And the Hopelesser collect people’s soul to clear glass bottles. The rest of the people are eking out for the living for 50 years under his rule. In 2100, there have a boy was gifted who can absorb the light just like Hopelesser. This boy is called Philip, he was 17 in 2100. He always rides a skateboard on the street and helps people to keep the only left light at the night time. And the Hopelesser knew that news, he commanded his people to arrest all the boy who rides the skateboard and destroy all the skateboard. After that Philip is harder to help other people, so he always hides his skateboard inside of the mailbox in the side of the road. He secretly vowed to defeat the Hopelesser and give back the light to all the people one day. He helps other day and night and never ends. Also, he summons the people to overturn Hopelesser’s decree. One night he went up to against with Hopelesser. They both have the same gift, but only one person can alive. Lights are robbed between their hand. The truth is justice always beat evil. Nobody believes Philip can defeat Hopelesser. But he did. In the end, Philip returns the light to people and release those souls was stuck by Hopelesser. The world becomes peace and hope again. And Philip’s deeds will be sung forever.


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