Week 10: Pledge Turn Prestige

Today, I will show a magic thing, which is a drop of magic potion can unleash huge energy. Before the magic, let’s think the drop can do what kind things. Here are two bottles of clean water, most common water we can buy it in the market, the pieces of broken plate which I just have broken up, a hard rock, and a drop of magic potions. First, you need to drop one drop of the potion to each of the bottles and stir the water well, remember one drop is enough, and do not put more. Second, wait for the potion dissolves in the water. Third, put all the pieces of the broken plate and the hard stone on the table. Fourth, pour one of the water in the bottle onto the broken plate, and pour another bottled water onto the hard rock. Then, magic things will happen. Just like most of you can guess, water onto the broken plate fixed the plate. And there is no trace on the plate,  just like a brand new. Also, the hard stone is broken up by the water. How magic it is, a drop of potion can be fixed broken things and can break any material.

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