Seminar Final Statement

Every time when I review my whole semester, I always have so much feeling. I think I get a lot of progress during this semester. Although getting up at 9:00 is a challenge for me. I feel proud of myself about never be absent during the seminar class. Also, I think I have an improvement in the writing and reading part. I can have a deeper understanding of artwork and article. At the beginning of the semester, I always thought Seminar class is another English class. And I am so confused about why art school needs so many English class. But now I understand this class can connect the deeper relationship between the way to express art and English. This class can lay the foundation for our four years of college life. But I think I can have more improvement next semester. Like I don’t raise my hand to answer the question a lot, caused I am a little bit shy for I was worried about I will give the wrong answer. I think I will push myself to be more active in class during the next semester. Finally, I feel thankful about I learned from the class, the teacher’s patient, and my friendly classmates.

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