Bridge 1

-I am not in Fashion Design, so I never attach with this kind of technique. I was always heavy-handed during my process. My yard always goes in the wrong direction. And I have to take apart to start over again. The whole progress almost spends 7 hours. But I feel delighted for myself, I actually learning something. I only use the yard to finish my project. Because I think yard can easy to connect to other parts for my project. My poem is about to grow up. And yard can slowly weave the whole picture by each thread just like our journey growing up. Also, I divide the picture to several of the same size squares to represent each phase when I grow up. At the beginning part I use white I represent the time we just born because at that time we are innocent like the white paper. And I use black for the end part to represent when we have already grown up, we have to be responsible and we have to accept the bad thing and annoyance in our life. The color blocks change from light to dark from top to bottom.


-I saw species are dying out.

I saw people are walking along.

I saw parents are getting old.

I saw a woman cry on a rainy day.

Die, Along, Old Cry, and Rainy day,

those things you must accept when you grow up.


I didn’t know the scissors were invented by Da Vinci.

I didn’t know alive people can be married to dead people in France.

I didn’t know growing up can make people unhappy.

Mother always told me, you will know everything when you grow up,

but I still can not understand why the human’s heart is cold as ice.


I was on the plane which across the Pacific Ocean at 12, 25, 2014.

I was looked upon in front of my university at 4, 14, 2018.

Grow up is no easy,

but I am leaning,

from the sound sea wave,

from the sound of the teardrop,

from the sound of aircraft noise.

Grow up teach me “Beware of Mediocrity”.




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