Bridge 2: Wearable Sculpture

-Image of the piece I selected:

-A paragraph explaining why I choose that piece and how it relates to my idea/topic pf truth:

The reason why I selected this is this images all use recyclable material like newspapers and waterproof canvas. And promote environmental protection is the social issues that get the most attention now. The truth for all humans is the environment is seriously polluted. The trend of art follows the trend of history. So the art piece about the social issue can get more resonating with contemporary people. The use of new material like the recyclable material in the art piece also new element and make the art piece more diverse. Where does the art live? Art is live in the historical trend.

-A paragraph that explains my wearable pieces design, use of materials, and how it relates to the piece I choose at the Brooklyn Museum:

First, the use of the material I choose the recycled water bottle lids and woolen yarn which is environmental protection material. And then I use yarn to connect the water bottle lid by across and vertical two directions to make a wearable piece for the arm. I cut the water bottle lid by half to represent the flower petals and I choose green yarn to represent green branches and leaves.  Thereby to make the person who wears this garment can feel nature is all around us. The reason why I make this wearable piece is to make people realize nature is important us and we should protect it. Also, the similarity between the piece choose at the Brooklyn Museum and my wearable piece is they both use recyclable material, the material of the piece I choose is where my inspiration comes from.

– Sketches and prototype for my wearable:

-Process photo of creating my piece:

Final Images of my piece:

Overlook front side.

Detail upper arm part.

Detail of the connection of the upper arm and lower arm.

Detail lower arm part.

Detail Neck Part.



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