Bridge 3: Concept Pitch

-The research statements or concept you are exploring in your seminar class

Everyone has a different understanding about grow up, there was a difference between getting older and grow up.

-4 Examples of artist that are working in same concept as you are

Cecily Brown

Sebastian Eriksson

Paul Klee

Salvador Dalí

-3 examples of public artworks that you think are inspiring

La Joute by Jean Paul Riopelle

Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor

Water Tower by Rachel Whiteread

-4 material ideas of what you would use to create

Paper, oil, water, matchstick

-The location of your public art piece

Any square park near the new school

-3 sketches of your idea

-What will you be making for your bridge 4 project

I may do the performing arts about the fire.

-Mood board and mind map


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