Bridge 4

 1. Introduce yourself:

-Your name, major, and anything else you want the audience to know about you.

  • Iris Zhu
  • Communication Design
  • Born in Amoy, China,
  • Move to California in 2014

2. An overview of your Seminar Research Topic and findings.

-What did you research?

-What did you write about?

-What are your findings and discoveries?

-Use images to show what you researched

  • My search question “Is it possible to get older but not grow up?”
  • There was a difference between get older and grow up. Determining if a person is growing up or not is not from the number of age with the stereotype. Growing up has two part which is physically and mentally.  There have two groups of people in society. The Negative type of get older but not grow up is some people spend most of their life still doesn’t learn how to grow up. This kind of people are waste life and it makes life meaningless. The Positive type of get older but not grow up is we should always believe our life is rudderless, there don’t have the limit of learning just life the child is always positive and growing through the process of learning. We can achieve our life values no matter how old we are.
  • Our lives and limited. We don’t have much time to grow up. Every stage of our life is important, and grow up just one of the stage. People have choices in their life. People always can choose what kind of person they want to be and what kind of life they want. People should spend their life meaningfully in our limited life. 

3. Introduce your Studio Project.

-What is your artist statement?

-What are you trying to say with your piece?

-How did you create a piece based on your research in seminar?

-What materials, research, or process did you use to make your piece?

  • There have four sections for my art piece. I use four different material to collage 4 number of zero on a wood board. Those materials are the burn out candles from the burning time goes from long to short, some burned and some unburned matchsticks, the petals are withering from the different degree, and a drawn zero by black sharpie markers.
  • The reason why I choose collage the number zero is zero represent both begin and end, just like our life has begin and end. And the reason why I choose to use the candle, matchstick, and petal is those objects are very shorts lives which pass in an instant. Each candle, matchstick, and petal are represented as one stage of life. The burned out candles, the black matchsticks, and withered petals represent the life we have spent. And then the last part which is drawn black zero represent after the end of our lives we have nothing left, so we should cherish it when we still have the chance to make a choice to decide how do we live our life.
  • My research in Seminar is about grown up. After research, I understand whatever is grow up or other stages in our life. We always have a chance to decide our life. People always can choose what kind of person they want to be and what kind of life they want. But we should make the right choice in the different stage because life is limited. People should spend their life meaningfully in our limited life.

4. Documentation of your final piece.

-Final Image of the work photographed professionally (clean background, maybe you edit the photos).

-A paragraph that discusses the future of this piece. Think of it as an actual piece of work that was going to be produced.

I hope my art piece can place in a public place like union square. Passersby who pass through the square can see my artwork and they can have a little inspiration on their own life.

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