Cooper Hewitt Nature Triennial

  • Curiosity cloud shows a moment in nature and plays on the interaction between humans and the natural environment. Visitors can walk through a cloud of light bulbs, each containing a handcrafted model of an insect native to New York City. From a distance, the insects are static. As visitors enter the room and approach the installation, the bulbs close to the observers light up and the insects start moving. They start swirling around and flying inside the glass vessels and make touching with the glass and creating a soundscape. In nature, no matter how small a creature can make their impact. We should never underestimate the power of any creature, even an insect. The ecological balance and sustainability can maintain because of them. We cannot think that just because we are higher animals that we can dominate the earth. All living things are equal, they all share the gift of nature. humans should be grateful and awe for all we have from nature.

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