Natural Dye Design Challenge

10/11 Entry:

  • In daily work and study, I think what people need is a portable bag. I feel empathy about this point. Every time after I go to buy the new material or fabric store, I always need to get a new bag to put my stuff in which the store will give me a plastic bag. Now I realize a small plastic bag can cause huge pollution. Most people want to get a new plastic bag rather than put an extra bag in their bag because they will create more weight in the bag. Now, one of the biggest pollution sources begins with the plastic bag. Start at the root, I want to design a bag that can be portable and remind people of awareness of environmental protection. And I have two ideas for that. The first idea is I want to make my bag by linen because that is light and fold to small size. Also, I want to put the different colors of plastic pieces to remind the buyer what kind of question we are facing with. My second idea is to use chopsticks to delivery food to make a bag. Because I think plastic tableware of outside food is very unnecessary and polluted. 
  • When you designed something, it is very important to aim your “designed ideal” user. My design is aimed at young people, like students or young office workers. This group of people has more requirements for fashion and dressing. Also, this group of people occupy a large part of the population of the society. So my design should let this group of people how important is sustainability and protect our environment because this group of people in the future for our society. Also, I will consider what kind of design can provide maximum portability and assistance to these people, like small, easy to carry. So my designed bag choose to use fabric to make that, that is light and recyclable. When you on the subway, school, or market, whenever you need an extra bag, you just take it out from your bag.


11/01 Entry:

  • I’m going to use different kinds of teas and coffees as my dying materials. Also, I’m going to use muslin or liner as my dying fabric, because they are easy to absorb colors from my chosen materials. Moreover, I want to use my old denim shirt pieces and add them to my object as my upcycle personal items.


11/08 Entry:

After the testing, I decide to use tea and tartaric acid as my dye which can be matched with my other material chopstick.


Process photo:


Final Piece:



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