OKO FARMS Field Experience

  • Who does OKO Farms serve?

OKO Farms serve the whole community in Brooklyn and New York.

  • How is OKO Farms culturally responsive to its local community?

OKO Farms culturally responsive by cultivating food, environmental awareness, and community.

  • According to farmer Yemi, what are the benefits of aquafarming in urban areas?

The constant cycling of nutrients via fish waste creates an extremely efficient recycling system that allows people to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers thereby avoiding the toxic environmental run-off that characterizes current aquaculture practices.

  • What are the other sources of food in the neighboring area?

The fishes from coastwise in NY.

  • What do you think food sovereignty means?

I think the food we should eat is pesticide-free and there should be a  complete cycling during the whole process of breeding.

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