Nature Journaling for Biomimicry Journal: Entry 3

1. In Your Natural Surroundings, Find Examples of Nature Using Shape to Provide and Advantage of Some Kind?

Honeycomb is mainly composed of bee secretion and plant fibers. Bees bite off fibers from plants and chew to add their secretions, both materials are oxidized when they are dried. The inside of a hornet’s nest is hives, arranged in close rows of hexagonal cells. This increases strength and prevents the bottom of the nest from cracking. In the market, a lot of building materials are regular hexagon which inspired by the shape of inside honeycombs.

2. Your Function of Interest

I want to combine the honeycomb’s hexagonal design with the architecture. The hive is hexagonal. This hexagonal arrangement is called a honeycomb. Because the structure is so strong, the inside and outside of the hive are just half separated from each other. This is for strength, and the design allows for good light transmission too. So it provides a good condition to build architecture.



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