Learning Portfolio Post #2: Intersectionality Map

  • For my understanding, Intersectionality is a feminist, critical race, and antidiscrimination law theory for understanding how aspects of persons’ social and political identities might combine to create a unique type of discrimination. I use to thought dress up is a way to show self beauty and get other’s attention. The truth is much more than that. Dress up is a way to show self unique personality and style. People may not notice that dress up is one of our daily habitus. “The concept of habitus reminds us that it is not just one wears that matters, but also how one styles, fashions, or dresses the body that tells us about everyday processes of subject formation as the interplay between subjectivity and the subject positions people inhabit.”(Kaiser 31) Some people need to wear every day, muslin female need to wear headscarves every day, some people will decide the clothes the gone wear for the next day before they go to bed. Those examples all for dress-up habitus. People underestimated the ability to dress up. It is not only to decorate the outside but more importantly to show the inner Character.
  • There have six subjects important to impact my dress up. The first subject is age. I am 20 right now which is an age easy to impulse purchase and mind change. Therefore, the clothes I bought in this season, I will not like them anymore next season. I also like to try a lot of types of clothes. For now, I think my dress is versatile. The second object is culture. I was born in Amoy China. But I move to LA with family when I was 15. And then I come to NY for my college. I grow up with a different culture. These factors have made me more tolerant of diverse styles and cultures. Also my dress up is more tolerant and diverse. The third object is the place. I live in NYC right now and this is a place change me a lot. I always wear casual style clothes when I was in LA. But people in NY wear more formal and delict. My dress-up is changed because of that impact. The fourth object is education. I am in parsons fashion design major which is a major study for dress up and make fashion. So I have more requirements for my dress up and I spend more time in the dress-up than others. The fifth object is gender. I think I have the typical girl dress up preferences. I like to wear skirts, bubble sleeves, and any spackling stuff. The sixth object is family make up. I am the only child of my family, so I have the love that doesn’t have to share with the sibling. My parents meet my requirements most of the time. Because of that, I can develop more freely for my dressing.
  • Bibliography: Susan B. Kaiser. 2012. Fashion and Cultural Studies. Bloomsbury Academic.

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