Learning Portfolio Post #3: Fashion and the Body

  • diesel fashion ad that celebrated diversity and beauty
  • This is the fashion advertisement form Diesel Spring/Summer 2015 by Nick Knight. There have a total of 8 models in this poster with different gender and race. Those models take up most of the poster that there is almost no blank space in the poster. Also, those models with a different gesture, some of straight up, some of are bent over, and look different way which can give the reader different aspects and various content. Also, the most striking thing for this poser is the model Winnie Harlow (whose skin is marked by vitiligo). Most people assume that models should be tall, thin and flawless even can not have any tattoos. But Winnie Harlow in the middle of the poster also is showing her kind of beauty with a positive and confident attitude. Advertising reflects the mores of society, but also can influence society. This is a poster that breaks the tradition. In the public eye as brand icons for Diesel, he has promoted beauty in all of its forms. Diesel uses the space of advertising that we have as a vehicle for spreading a message, not only tall, thin and flawless body is beautiful, even is the body with a disability can be fashion and beautiful. The relationship between fashion and body always complementary, a body with the right outfit can show ourselves the greatest beauty and less disadvantage. “As a researcher, I used clothing as a means of fitting in to the research encounter and as a way of creating a relationship with informants.”(Woodward 39) Just like sophies said, I as a fashion designer also need to make a connection with the society and people who need used the relationship between fashion and body to learn how to design.
  • Bibliography: Sophie Woodward. 2007. Why Women Wear What They Wear. Oxford International Publishers Ltd.

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