Learning Portfolio Post #4

The first reason I choose the fashion design major is I love beautiful clothes and I want to create those beautiful on my own. I never take time to think is fashion can do more things? I remember I wrote “fashion” is a trend of people’s aesthetics as the encyclopedia entry for the word “fashion.” but after a semester of study and understanding, I think the word fashion has a deeper meaning. Fashion is not only meaning beautiful clothing. Fashion is part of the body. A part can help us to find our confidence back. People can use fashion as a tool to show own personality depending on the color or the style of the clothes. Fashion is far more powerful than I thought. With the development of the era, people’s ideology is also improving. The fashion industry is also in greater demand in modern society. Fashion now can deliver ideas and change society. The designer can put the thought like the human right, feminist, and environmental protection that popular topic as the theme of design to the public society. At the same time, with the saturation of the development of the fashion industry, it also brings some negative effects, which need our attention and improvement. Behind the glamour of the fashion industry is the “blood and tears of those workers. Also, the environment is very polluted because of this industry like discharge sewage into rivers and burn toxic fumes from old clothes. The consequences of excessive consumption of our resources and environment are unimaginable. In the future, my goal is not only focused on the beauty of appearance and focused more and more reflect some social problems on my design and bring some positive infect.

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