Cross Course Reflection-integrative seminar 2

I am a fashion design majored international student. My first year in Parsons is also my first year in United States. This is a great change for me. I love this challenging opportunity.

In my first year, I have attended Integrative Studio and Seminar 1 to 2 courses, time class, drawing and image: people, space class, as well as ESL. I chose business fundament and soft structure as my electives to develop my other skills. I learned how to develop my inspiration and construct a collection or artwork through studio class. Studio class helps me a lot to explore my own style. Through seminar class, I learned how to read thoughtfully and taking ideas from the one that i read.

In the over all course, I learned how to format my creation process. At first, I need to come up with a broad idea or theme for myself, and then I will need tons of research to brainstorm and reach my ultimate purpose for the project. For example, in my second semester’s studio class, I wanted to so a research bored about anthropology and appropriation. But at the beginning, the idea of appropriation and anthropology is really wide and I need to be focused. So I went to National Museum of the American Indian. I had no idea about appropriation and I did not know how people appropriation in real like. After my visit to the museum, I got more idea and wanted to focus my attention on appropriation in fine art and fashion. This is a relatively successful research process, as I am learning things using productive methods. Studio class helps me to find my own methods for study and research.

On thing needed mention is that I learned about market in my Business Fundament class. It was my first try with marketing. The course is really meaningful to me not only because of business knowledge that I learned, but also about presentation skills that is really helpful to the rest of my class. I used to be too confident to rehearse before real presentation, and it turns out a massy in the end. In my business class, Professor Rosengard encouraged us to rehearse presentation and even give time limitation. Therefore every presentation became significant to me, and I treated it seriously. My presentation skills improved a lot and I successfully got rid of my fear to speak in the public. The course even helps me to control unexpected happened thing during my presentation, which is useful in some circumstance.

Another thing that I am proud of myself in my final project for Integrative studio 2. I did research about appropriation that is mentioned ahead, and designed a piece of cloth myself to match my research theme. The biggest challenge is to avoid appropriation. During my research, I deeply realized how hurtful and shameful it is to appropriation other groups’ or people’s work. Since I was inspired by Native American fashion, I need to let people see the Native American elements without refer to appropriation. It is a key for a designer to be “inspired” but not copy. I am grateful to learn this at the beginning of my fashion education.

I fist designed a very simple and basic outfit. I was pretty proud of it, because it was my first time to pattern and designed sleeves. But a few days later, I started to discover more and more improvement, and my friends gave me more advise. So I changed the design of the front and transfer it into an open jacket style with diagonal buttons. I learned beading and beaded a bird with beaded-fringe for the back. The change made the design stand out.


In my future study, I will keep a calm mood and be confident about myself. I am a emotional person and easily changed by other people’s actions, which is bad for my own development. I will keep exploring my interests and style so I will be more focused on my own instead of copying others’ style.

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