Mapping Memory 

This is an assignment showing my mapping memory in an 11*17 inches folded paper.

I chose eight pictures from my 16 pictures of memory to represent the most important memories in my life.

Which are:

  1. Childhood Space
  2. Childhood Person
  3. Childhood Event
  4. Teenager Space
  5. Teenager Person
  6. Future Event
  7. Future Person
  8. Future Space
  9. Future



( Read this text while watching the videos )

  1. Childhood Space – Hospital is an unmoveable memory from my childhood. Cuz I got sick when I was a kid, and I need to go to the hospital once two weeks.
  2. Childhood Person – I don’t actually know what are people, what is the creature called human, what am I. In my mind, there was only one person, and that’s myself.
  3. Childhood Event – There was not only sad memories in the hospital. I went to Disneyland many times when I was a kid, and I had watched tons of anime and fantastic movies.
  4. Teenager Space – And then I grew up, I went to my secondary school in HongKong. That was a giant shift in my life. I moved to Hong Kong from China, and I moved from primary school to secondary school. I grew up, I became a teenager. This is the most memorable space in my secondary school — Basketball court.
  5. Teenager Person – This is my best friend from my secondary school, we built up many good memories together.
  6. Future Event – Japan is my favorite country, Kyoto is my favorite city. I went there at least 5 times when I was a secondary school student. I am in love with Japanese culture and everything else in Japan.
  7. Future Person – My sister is my best friend now, she is the person to understand me the most and stay with me whenever I need her.
  8. Future Space – This is the landscape shows the tranquility and peace which represent the life I am chasing for.
  9. Future – Future is unpredictable and I always feel so confused and lost about it. At the same time future is something really excited and wonderful, cuz its unpredictable.


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