Bridge Project: Talking Pictures

Bride Project: Talking Pictures

This project is showing the conversation between me and my partner.

We selected 10 pictures we have taken based on our theme “Urban” to create a short zine. Keeping my images in the order in which the ‘conversation’ happened.

And we used the found poem we created in Seminar class. (We used risograph)

We layout (arrange the images and text), print and assemble a small booklet. (Below)



Pictures: I used Photoshop to take off other colors, and just keep one color on the image.

Reason: I think it’s pretty interesting and stand out from the other pictures.

Need to Improve: Some of the colors looks a bit weird and didn’t process really good.

Strength: The colors do stands out and created good views.



I used the giant printer (Sorry, I didn’t remember the name of the printer) to print the images.

I chose Bristol paper 14*17 inches.

Reason: It’s hard enough for me to create pops out layers and it’s not easy to break.

Things Need to Improve:

  1. It took such a long time to print, I’ll try to do it as soon as possible.
  2. The quality of the image is really good. Color changed from what I see on the computer. I may change to another printer.


  1. The paper is hard and created a really good texture and thickness.
  2. The size is uniform and stayed in a good size.






This is the overlook of the zine.






This is the side look of the zine.

As you can see there are many layers, and I used thick foam tape.

The tape created thick layers, and I think it works really well.


This is one of the pages shows the layers and pops out the image.

I used three layers to created it.

The first layer is the smallest paper,  the second one builds up a perspective in the artwork, and the last layer is the full image to be the base.


We used risograph to printed the found poem on the tracing paper.


This is the example of found poem we did in the Seminar class.

We cut out the lines/ sentences from the magazine and created a found poem and we stuck it on the colorful page.

And this is the new found poem we have created:

  1. Crowds were never wise
  2. No wise maintained by force
  3. Use force if they can to bring them into a rightful condition in that way.
  4. What is right? what is the right?
  5. Who can determine if their feelings and insights are leading them in the right direction?
  6. He in the courtyard gave directions where this or that was to be placed.
  7. Measuring the effectiveness of a placement
  8. Propose a measure giving apparent satisfaction to democratic ideas
  9. Ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings.
  10. Human beings work with other human beings, who work with other human beings, and so on

(We found the sentences from many different novels, magazine, and textbooks.)

I wanted to use plastic paper, which can show the transparency but it doesn’t work on the risograph printing machine.

Reason: I want to show the transparency on the paper.

Need to improve: The tracing paper is really vulnerable, I may try to use another transparent material instead of tracing paper.

Strength: Shows the transparency, and the gold text looks really gorgeous.


Need to improve: 

I Should start to do the work earlier to make sure the quality is the best I can do. I am a bit disappointed on myself about I didn’t try my best on this project.


3D layers book is interesting, and I got some of the positive feedback from my classmate.



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