Inhabited Space Project

Inhabited Space Project



Inhabited Space Project Descriptive Paragraph Outline

I did research on gallery architecture and park design. I have one design which looks like a tree and the leafs part is really easy to do the rainwater collection. But that’s not that interesting and looks way more simple, so I decided to redesign it. My second design is way more like a post-modern architecture. I used Green and Orange Acrylic board to the base and used wire to connect them to a sculpture. I used the geometric shape for the upper part of the building and the organic shape for the lower part. It’s some kind of “shift”.

I wanted to place my inhabited building near on the seashore where can see the sea and the forest. It doesn’t need to be a tourism place or crowded place. I want to create a quiet and tranquil atmosphere and environment.  It is a gallery which is a transparent space. The benefit of using transparent acrylic boards is that create a transparent view of the sculpture, from the outside and the inside. It’s transparent, but it doesn’t lack privacy. For some extent, the dark green can create coverage and private space.

As you can see the ceiling is not fully cover, it was a combination with many triangles. The water can come in when it’s a rainy day since the and there are many gaps allows the rainwater go through and achieve the aim of water collection. it will drain into the button of the building by the shape of the building.

I don’t want to put any furniture in the interior space, I want to create a minimal space and the empty feeling. The space rain, sunshine, wind can go through.

The photo-based patterned and textural elements that you have chosen are the patterns I created in the photoshop base on a flower picture I took. I used tracing paper instead of normal paper to create a transparent view which won’t block the light and the sunshine at all. And I make them into round shape in the Photoshop as well. I didn’t stick the patterns like a full image but a decoration for the building.


Inhabited Space Project Self-Assessment/Reflection
What is the strength of your project?

  • It doesn’t look like a building for the human to live, more like a post-modern architecture.

Describe a detail that you would like to improve on.

  • I will improve working on the environment for my building, to create a sense for the audience what is it going on, what is the purpose of the building.

Describe a material process that you felt successful with?

  • I like the acrylic board created a transparent view, not like wood and sheet metal.

Describe a material process that was difficult for you and that you may still have questions about?

  • There were too many mechanical connections need to be done, it’s a really time concern problem.
  • Need to have plan B if the laser cutting is not working well.

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