Video of “from Perspective of Leo Astor and The history of American West”

NYPL with Leo Astor and a Book

Video of “from Perspective ofLeo Astor and The history of American West”

As my group mate and I explore writing a narrative from the perspective of our object (The Lion Sculpture and A book “The history of American West”) in the seminar, in the studio we explored what our object might convey to a video.

The projects are similar as we are exploring the perspective from an object, but we are using different media to do so. Words and writing on the one hand, and visuals and sound on the other. We choose to combine these media by including our words with our video.

The site: New York Public Library – Stephen Schwarzman Building

My group members: Alesia, Emre, and Victoria

How my research influenced your final project:

I did research of the history about the NYPL, and we did some interview of people in the library: librarian, tourists, and people who study or do research there.
It didn’t influence that much of the final project, but we add more details about NYPL after the research and interview.

Process images and information:

The voice recorded based on our script:


New York City, I’ve been witnessing this ever since I was put here, 1911. I, Leo Astor and my noble friend Leo Lenox are guarding the entrance of this majestic building, New York Public Library. Every day we witness millions of people moving as fast as they can as if someone is trying to catch them. It wasn’t always like this. When they used to ride phaetons and automobiles, which weren’t that well developed as today’s, people used to take everything easier.


The New York Public Library, my home, is a place I stayed for more than a century.I see the change in the library and the people’s homes. From candles to light bulbs and the decreasing of people who study and work in the library. There is a massive flow of passengers in the library, but they don’t come for the books and the resources here anymore. The reason they come to the library is mostly to check out this splendid and gorgeous building, the architectural feature, and the history.

Pictures of Stop motion:

And more…



Timelapse (Took by Emre):

Picture of NYPL in 1911:

The picture, in the beginning, is from:

NYPL. “History of The New York Public Library.” The New York Public Library, 2018,

Background music:

Name of the Song: Shooting Star

Name of the band: Bag Raiders

We download it from the Itunes store.

The editing bar of Premiere:

My contributions:

  • Writing half of the script
  • Sketching animation
  • Taking pictures of stop motions
  • Editing the video

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