FIT Exhibition – Object Write-Up

 FIT Exhibition – Object Write-Up

This assignment is that I need to choose one object from the FIT exhibition and write about the way the artist/designer uses the color pink in the garment. 

(These are the objects I like and what /I found interesting at the exhibition)

(The one I like the most and chose to write)

The Visual Form:

  • This is an evening dress made by Ralph Lauren, with pink silk faille.
  • Pain pink was used on the silk faille.
  • It’s a really clean cut without redundant details.
  • The back is revealing and with deep V on the front.
  • The dress made in 1999.

The reason for pink is used in this garment:

  •  Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the 71st Academy Awards on 21 March 1999.
  • The dress is cited by several sources as one of the greatest dresses in the history of the red carpet of the Oscars
  • The dress was widely copied after the event, and Paltrow was credited for bringing pink back into fashion.

How is it similar?

  • It’s made in pink
  • Evening dress

How is it different?

  • It doesn’t have much details and patterns
  • Clean Cut
  • Not much of folding and other technology on cutting


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