Letter to Myself

Letter to Myself

Flashback to the first class, I was rushing to the class. And I still remember I was wearing converse, a straw hat, and a blue skirt. We did an introduction of ourselves and Anya introduced our class. What I remember the most is I didn’t do well in my first bridge project, I was late and didn’t know how does learning portfolio. I got 8.5 out of 10, to be honest, that killed me.

Go back in time I wish I can tell myself something before I started school. I should pay attention to submit the homework on time and in a printed version for my seminar class. And I should watch out for the time I get out from my house to prevent grade get deducted on my Canvas. Furthermore, I wish I can change my bad habit which is the procrastination. And this is the thing I always tell myself. Also, I want to finish homework on time, do a better job in time management and be harsh on myself in self-discipline. But anyway we are not able to go back in time, and what we can do is to is to do reflection and try to change it in the future.

For seminar class, what I like the most is to do the workshop and interaction with my classmates, which is helpful to see what I was missing in my works and get good ideas to improve on them. The most challenging part is to get a full mark on Talking Notes, even though the talking notes only worth 3 points each, but still is hard to achieve.

Finally, I wish I can tell the past self, don’t overthink! Just keep working on it, and you will get the things what you expected to get.

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