Bridge 1 – part I


This assignment asked me to find seven images base on the theme I have chosen. There are four themes that I can choose; which is

  • Identity (e.g., branding, personhood, heritage, emotion)
  • Gender (e.g., sex, androgyny, LGBTQX, oppression)
  • Race (e.g., immigration, oppression, bias)
  • Environment (e.g., climate change, sustainability, urban planning)

I chose “Environment” as my theme which I need to explore through the whole semester.
We required to have three of those images must come from online research, two images from the “streets” of NYC, and two images from MoMA. Furthermore, we need to use Photoshop or Illustrator, highlight or circle as many of the formal elements and principles of art I can find on each image.

Picture from the Internet:

Day 1:  Polar bear on the grassland

I chose this image because it relates to my theme “Environment”.  This is a picture showing the affection of climate change. The bony polar bear was looking for food on the land instead of iceberg. This is a powerful image which gives me a shock. And I realized how much did human harm the earth and how horrible behaviors we have taken.

Day 2: A Misty English Wood by Neil Burnell

I was looking forward to a wonderland environment existing on the earth.  This is a picture showing a dramatic scene which should appear in the fairy-tale. It creates a utopian atmosphere. I was so surprised at how beautiful it was. And when I am thinking about human may destroy them by their selfish wants, I felt sad and upset. And I wish more people can aware how much did we do to hurt the earth, and how beautiful it was.

Day 3: Pollution from the factory

This is a familiar image for me. I felt like I see this kind of picture thousands of time already. I saw them a lot on TV, posters, internet, etc. This image is showing how much air pollution does one factory was producing. Apparently, they are toxic and harmful to the environment, animals, plants, even human ourselves. And I don’t understand why does the pollution keeps increasing every year when people saw this kind of image.

Picture from MOMA:

Day 4: Building B9, Block 21, 1959-65

This is the image I found in the MOMA archive. This is a construction scene shot by Ivan Petrovic. This is the artwork caught my eyes in a bunch of artworks in MOMA. This is an ongoing constructing concrete building. What I can tell from this image is the urbanization in a new space. The reason why I chose this image is this image showing the urbanization, modernization. Human building a new building to make human life.

Day 5: Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980

This is a utopia concrete building. I chose this image since it looks modernistic and futuristic.

Pictures I took on the street:

Day 6: This is the image I took outside of the CVS market. the stacks of buckets can be on elements to show the city feature. Also as a part of the city environment.


Day 7: This is an image I took in a freezing morning. The bikes system goes wrong and the workers were checking and fixing the problem. People in an environment can be a representative element as an environment.


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