Bridge 1 – part I


This assignment asked me to find seven images base on the theme I have chosen. There are four themes that I can choose; which is

  • Identity (e.g., branding, personhood, heritage, emotion)
  • Gender (e.g., sex, androgyny, LGBTQX, oppression)
  • Race (e.g., immigration, oppression, bias)
  • Environment (e.g., climate change, sustainability, urban planning)

I chose “Environment” as my theme which I need to explore through the whole semester.
We required to have three of those images must come from online research, two images from the “streets” of NYC, and two images from MoMA. Furthermore, we need to use Photoshop or Illustrator, highlight or circle as many of the formal elements and principles of art I can find on each image. Be creative in organization /highlight/circle the layout, refer to examples of past student work I showed in class.

Picture from the Internet:

Picture from MOMA:

Pictures I took on the street:


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