Bridge 1 – part II

“What if” with my classmate

My questions:
Materiality: What if it is a painting instead of photography?
Content: What if people just make the picture out (it does not naturally look like that)?
Source: What if the pictures were found in a not reliable site?

My classmate’s questions:
Materiality: What if a computer generates this image?
Content: What if this picture is not only the old-growth forest but with lots of sunlight?
Source: What if you see this picture from the magazine?


In this LP post make sure to write a short introduction explaining the project and why you created what you created and how it relates to your theme. Make sure to include the “What If” questions you used (tell if you used yours or your classmates).

Include photos of your completed artwork.

Answer these questions:

  1. What is the content/meaning of your artwork and how does it relate to your theme?
  2. If your artwork is to be placed into the general circulation of Visual Culture, where would it go, what would it do, who would see it and where might it end up? (examples, a billboard, in a gallery, a prop in a movie or advertisement, etc.)

Finish these sentences:

What I learned from this project/making activity was__________.

The material/medium was/wasn’t successful at supporting the content because_________.

What I learned about my content through this medium exploration was_________.

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