IS2 Visual Culture Seminar and Studio Thesis Research – Proposal and Prototype Diptych

Thesis: We can’t protect the environment while improving the human standard of living at the same time.

A brief statement of investigating in Studio:

  1. Write a very brief statement explaining what you have been investigating in Studio. Include the topic you have been researching and the materials you have been exploring in your diptychs. [keep this short]

My theme is Environment, and I did lots of research on impact, effects, cause, and the future trend. I put all my research on the mind map one in this post. And I search, studied and used many different materials to create my diptychs.

I have been investigating the impact of plastics on the environment. I chose to use plastics instead of wood because I felt like wood was a little bit overused for environmental artworks and thought to use something a little bit harder to work with.

The connection between Seminar and Studio:

I have had the ability to connect my Seminar and Studio through the research and application of my topic and material chosen. In Seminars, we research and read about different environmental factors, and in Studio we can apply the things we researched into the materials chosen and applications of the materials into our artworks. The link between Seminar and Studio has also enabled me to separate the research and the practical, making it more manageable to work with when crafting artworks. The connection also shows through the research and application of the research of the Seminar onto the Studio works; my Studio works are heavily influenced by the research I have done in my Seminar classes, it’s not just that my research is in the same area, but it also influences my Studio works.

Part 2

A brief statement of my final project:

My final project proposal is to make concrete objects that have been vacuum sealed with plastics and create a room full of these objects on the walls. The room will be small on purpose to create a feeling of claustrophobia and make people feel uneasy. It is to recreate the experiences of what animals, especially sea creatures like turtles and whales, go through when they are swimming in a sea of plastic rubbish. The concrete represents the human-made, and the permanent imprint humanity has on life as concrete is used practically everywhere we go and for all the buildings that we create, the same buildings that stand where there once was greenery and vegetation.

Artists who are inspiring me:

  • Lighting Artists:
    • Jim Campbell
    • HC Gilje
  •  Performance Artists:
    • Ana Mendieta
  •  Artists:
    • Jeanne-Claude
    • Chris Jordan
    • Nils-Udo
    • Olafur Eliasson
    • Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi

The prototype of my final project idea:



Final Project Proposal
A brief statement about the conversation with Professor Bryan:

Professor Bryan and I discuss the progress of my overall studio assignment, the progress of the diptychs which I’ve done, and the progress and the ideas of my final artworks. I had two ideas for my final art piece. First one is I want to create a wall with 3D plastic boards which shape by Vacumn machine, but I realized that I might not like it that much, and it doesn’t give out a strong feeling without putting tons of plastic board on. My second idea is to create a big box with a 3D plastic board shaped by Vacumn machine as well which people can sit inside and feel the atmosphere of the surrounding plastic. I want to create a depressive feeling of surrounding plastic which reflects on the ocean creature. They are surrounding the plastic and threaten by tons of plastic. There was news recently which said that there are 46 pounds of plastic in a pregnant whale’s stomach. I wish I can create an artwork which reflects on reality. What I need to research by our next class is I need to make a small model this week. But I am still in progress with the color choices, and I am going to do more research on color choices and joining methods.

a NEW prototype of your project:

same material different design, I used the transparent plastic board to form the clothing shape and texture. Since I am going to use the plastic board and vacuum machines for my final project, this would be the trial for my final project. And after the result come out, I realize I can use daily objects as the resources for my final project as well, not only plastic bottle form.



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