Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture

April 25

I am planning to create a life-size box made of plastic, which means it is an art piece that can interact with the audience. And I am planning to use the vacuum form machine to create the pattern on the plastic board. But I am still exploring the form of showing my art piece and my thought.

New phenotype:

I used the transparent plastic board to form the clothing shape and texture. Since I am going to use the plastic board and vacuum machines for my final project, this would be the trial for my final project. And after the result come out, I realize I can use daily objects as the resources for my final project as well, not only plastic bottle form.

Critique from the classmate:

They suggest I can explore a different form of showing my artwork, for example, not only a box but a big wall. And I think it is pretty useful, and I am going to explore the different method and ways to show my artworks and my thought. Also, I asked for how to join pieces of plastic board together, and they suggest using glue, but I don’t think that will work. Since my artwork will be a giant piece, and I believe using wire or other methods should be better, which make them more comfortable to carry and not occupying too much space. And I wish I can make it collapse.

Research On:

  • Plastic board
  • Vacuum Form Machine
  • Color choices and meaning behind the color.
  • Artists
    • Nils-Udo
      Andy Goldsworthy
      Richard Shilling
      Chris Jordan


  1. For the next class, I plan on doing research for 30 minutes on different materials and environmental artists.
  2. Sketching, searching & exploring for one hour
  3. Choose the art pieces from the sketched ideas around 10 minutes.
  4. I will begin to work on my final for 1.5 hours.


April 29:

My mind changed a lot after I met with Professor Bryan, we talk a lot about the plastic itself as a material and other materials which is going to decompose within 50 years. Plastic is a plastic which takes more than 1000 years to decompose. Since I am trying to promote and warm people to stop using plastic is pretty sarcastic. But we realize that we can use plastic as a sarcastic project. Professor Bryan recommended that I can use a clear plastic board made by acrylic plexiglass, color in transparent. Plexiglass a solid transparent plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate. Laser cutting may be used to form intricate designs. The result is a very clean cut is which is easily made. But I am still a bit lost after the conversation. And I did researching by myself by the following days after the meeting. And I decided to make a figure by plastic and join them together by using thread and wool these nature product. I want to show that maybe after 50 years that the thread and wool are gone but the plastic just falling apart. I am going to use my personal stuff to put in the vacuum shape machine to create a figure which represents a person, myself. Think about it, after 80 years, maybe I won’t exist but the plastic which represents me as a human. I will be gone and the plastic is going to stay there as the symbol as infinity.
In my Seminar class, I am writing a research paper about Nature and Human and my thesis is “It is difficult to protect environmental degradation, such as deforestation and pollution, while simultaneously improving the human standard of living, which is defined to be the quality of living of a human being or the degree of wealth of a person.” I am trying to talk about the connection between nature and the environment. And in my studio class, I am trying to talk about the connection between human and plastic. As we know that plastic is one of the most severe pollutions for the environment.



Didn’t get any feedback yet.

Research on:
Material: Acrylic plexiglass, Threads
Tool: Electric drill
Color: transparent and green
Artists: Dianna Cohen, Jana Cruder, and Matthew LaPenta

And I am going research on:
Material: wood
Color: nature brown (wood color)
Artists: Richard Lang, and Judith Selby Lang



  1. Discuss with my project with my Professor for 15 mins
  2. For the next class, I plan on doing research for 30 minutes on different materials and environmental artists.
  3. Join my materials together with wool and thread for two hours.

May 14:





Here is my Reflection for my seminar class.

I have spent the last three months engaging in the production of Visual Culture through researching and making. In the beginning, my knowledge of Visual Culture was staying in the definition only, which means showing the culture by the visual image. I thought anything could be Visual Culture, and it is. But later on, I realize everything was not as easy as I thought, especially for the artworks. As an artist, I can’t t do whatever I want and say they are visual culture. Every artwork needs to go through many different processes to become an artwork. I spent lots of time on researching about my theme “environment” in Seminar class. And I did many artists research, materials, and color research and exploring them in a practical way which is making the artworks by different materials instead of staying up in the research only.

I learned so many new things from both Studio and Seminar: doing mind maps, research in school archive, going to the library physically to do research, writing the bibliography, painting in gouache, making sculpture by existed objects, stop motion video and making art worm by vacuum form machine. For researching, I was certain about my theme, and I want to talk about plastic pollutions. When I go through to the project and dip into it, I found out that everything is not that straight forward and simple. There were too many resources showing up. It was hard to distinguish which is reliable or not. I have to read through everything and find the most powerful and proper resources instead of finding any resources which seem like “great.” It takes lots of time; I can say that I spend half of the time to doing research and half of the time to write the paper. During the making process, I learned how to use the vacuum machine practically. I failed many times and wasted a lot of plastic sheets. But this is how things work. You fail, and you gain knowledge. Now, I know how it does work without a high failure rate. Finally, I think I learned more knowledge and widen ways of thinking. I am not the people who like to put so much definition and deep meaning in the artworks. And I don’t want to explain why did I do those artworks. But in thought this semester, I learned that there are many different ways of thinking. And I shouldn’t let stuck myself in the small circle. I should be more open to everything.

I was struggling a lot during the process. I was so lost about what should I do. What kind of artwork should I make? Should I use plastic as materials? I changed my thought a lot during the process. And finally, I overcome this challenge by looking up resources and paper from my seminar class. The vacuum formed plastic sheet gave out beautiful texture, and it looks wonderful for me. But the grey stick on the top is disturbing, I can’t find the transparent one, and I should always think ahead to do preparation before. Also, the hanging wool was messy when I was hanging them on the wall. And I may try to use different materials, for example, the fish line which is transparent and not disturbing at all. Also, if I can do this assignment again, I wish I brought my art piece to nature, to the real environment. And I will like to take photographs of them and print them out in a large size. In conclusion, I like my idea of making a figurative artwork by using my personal project and the thought I want to shift to the audiences. I appreciate a lot of myself step down the first step of making environmental artworks, and I am going to keep working on it in the rest of my university and even my future career.


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