Project 7: Sound and Vision


My project is trying to recreate my study space, a typical study session. During my study sessions, there would always be this feeling of something, or someone, pressuring you, this feeling of time moving by silently as you approach the deadline. To try and capture this feeling I have created a space with many layers of the composition to represent best those feelings I get while studying. Writing is, to a lot of people, a way to escape this world, whether it be through the writing of a story or novel. It can help people relax and be themselves; however, for this project, I wanted the writing in my space to sound rushed and frantic as if the writer is under immense pressure.

Working Process:

I only used videos in this project; I chose to use the electronic clock, the scene of flipping pages, clicking the pen and writing. I tried to shorten the distance between my Sonic Portrait and trying to create a life scene with video shots. The challenge was editing after shooting. I combined them by Premiere Pro; it was not that easy to match everything. The lighting in the recording space was in super warm light, and I have to adjust the color on different scenes. It was not hard to edit the color on a single frame but many different frames. Also, I filmed the clock on my laptop since I don’t have a clock in my apartment. There was a reflection on my computer and some dust on my monitor. I am glad that I can edit them in the color setting by adding the contrast, shadow, and black. I was happy about I learn about the new thing which is editing color on the Premiere Pro.

Compositional strategy or objective:

My compositional strategy is when I was shooting the video I put my Sonic Portrait audio as background music. I need to make sure the audio and scene match. And I muted those video which can hear the background music. Also, I used earphone later to listen to the Sonic Portrait audio as background music to create an overlapping sound. I integrated video and sound by listening to the pace of the audio and mark down the entry point, and by looking for the videos I took and made the marks on it as well. In my opinion, the interplay between image and sound is to complement each other. The audio makes the videos with silence background or messy background noise more lively. And the video can give out the colored vision of the sound.


I was not really satisfied with this project, and there are still a lot of things that need to be complete. In the first place, the sonic portrait is a bit dull and limit the possibility of being more creative. And it didn’t exceed my expectation. I wish the video can be more close to the Sonic Portrait. What I can do for next time is to do the recording and shooting together, and do more recording after that. Even though this didn’t exceed my expectation, I was happy with the ticking clock, it was black and red which created a nervous and tense feeling, and I enjoy the blurring of the clock as well.



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