Beginning Batik (Summer School in SACI)

Beginning Batik Programm in SACI

First project with wax lining and brushing the color on the silk-like watercolor.



Pencil Sketch of my design

Copying the sketch from the paper to silk

Project completed with color

Second Project with dipping only (Maximum five dips) 90*45 cm

Pencil Sketch my design on the paper

In Process

Final Piece

Fourth Project:

Shibori with wrapping skills 55*55cm

Final piece


Fifth Project:

Shibori with clamp skills 55*55cm

Final piece

Sixth Project:

Shibori with knitting skills 55*55cm

Final piece

In Process

Final Project:

Batik with Dipping Skills & Watercolor 90*90cm

Pencil Sketch On the paper

Pencil Sketch On the paper

Copying the sketch on the silk

Dipping Process

Final Piece


Final Exhibition:

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