MINI-TASK: The Museum of the City of NY

  1. How are historical moments represented in the film?
  • It covers the history of New York (WW1, WW2 and more) since 400 years ago.
  • It expands on the major movement or incidents that happened in America, for example, the 9/11 incident.
  • The times when people in the lower side of Manhattan were relatively poor and the people in the upper side was rich and it was very evident, as people in the upper side were hosting parties while people in the lower side was working.
  1. What were some elements that grabbed your attention spiked your interest? Why?
  • Different colors – some black, some dark brown, some colored – shows development
  • Melds black and white or vintage photographs into this era
  • They also utilized time-lapse – portrays movement and highlights development.
  1. What types of visual devices were used in the film to tell the story of NY?
  • Overhead projector
    • The combination of three different projections happening simultaneously, each either complements the topic that the video is projecting, or it is portrayed to show development.
    • The portrayal of time and dates – and the main heading of what’s going to happen.
    • Different coloured graphics – to portray the different setting and timing, as black photos usually mean an earlier era as coloured films and photographs were not created.
    • Time-lapse was also utilized to add movement in the video, and the progress.
  1. How could this film inform your AR project?
  • Could start having things popping on top of objects – so it portrays development and it makes our AR project more unique.
  • Have three different blippars that relate to each other but with additional items – shows progression and the change in memories.
  1. Chose on image series that you like, resonates with you, or you find interesting; explain why.

The description of this story ended with “Like any reader, she smiles when her story has a happy ending” could be interpreted in many ways.

The reason why I chose this photo was that of the different interpretation that the readers could have with this photo. Firstly, some people may perceive this photo as a highlight of discrimination back in the days, where women were assigned to jobs like washing pans, and men were assigned to higher paid income jobs. This photograph could represent a change in society, as although women in our era are discriminated to a certain extent, it definitely has made improvements. This interpretation, however, contrasts highly with the description that the photographer provided, and this could again be due to the fact that he is a man himself. This, in turn, provides uncertainty within the audience.

Another interpretation could be that although the woman is unhappy, as long as she knows that the money that she’s earning could provide a safe and happy environment for her offspring, she would “smile when her story has a happy ending”. This was particularly relatable as in Asia; a lot of parents save a lot of money so that they could provide a more comfortable life for their children in the future, even if it means sacrificing themselves and not have as much fun

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