Antoni Gaudí – Harry Potter

The inspirational keyword for me is “Harry Potter”. Ever since when I was a child, I was never exposed to Western TV shows like Harry Potter. Everyone in high school would boast about how amazing the show Harry Potter is. A part of me would always feel left out. However, I did nothing about it and did not make an effort to watch the show. To me, that represents a part of me. A part of me that wants to watch Harry Potter solely to fit in yet is not bothered to try. Through this experience, I’ve learned that being myself and doing the things I like not the sake of fitting in is one of my best personality traits. Therefore, I wanted to find an art piece that displays an aspect of Harry Potter.

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Antoni Gaudí

“We own the image. Fantasy comes from the ghosts. Fantasy is what people in the North own. We are concrete. The image comes from the Mediterranean. Orestes knows his way, where Hamlet is torn apart by his doubts.” 

Gaudí’s was highly innovative in terms of his explorations of structure, searching through a variety of regional styles before seizing on the parabolic, hyperbolic, and catenary masonry forms and inclined columns that he developed through weighted models in his workshop. These are often integrated with natural and highly symbolic religious imagery that encrust the structure with vibrant, colorful surfaces.

Gaudí was a master at using tradition-based building techniques which produced, in his hands, architectures that were far ahead of his time. The universe of Gaudí encompasses much more than just the Sagrada Família and La Pedrera. Over the course of his prolific career, he built religious buildings, residential developments, and private homes, in addition to doing a number of works on a smaller scale and a multitude of designs and projects which never saw the light or which he left to be completed by his collaborators. Gaudí was a total architect and a multifaceted figure who, one century later, continues to capture the whole world’s interest.

His works:

Casa Batlló

Sagrada Familia

Casa Milà

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