Bridge 1: Reflection – February 2019

How did you choose the images that you visualized? (What was it about the idea that made you want to visualize it?

Most of my decisions are made through senses and how much personal connection I have to that specific object. Not only that, another way of depicting which image that I want to visualize is how much I relate the previous image with the current image.


How did you choose the medium you selected for each piece? (What part of the ideal led you to choose the medium you chose?)

I chose the medium based on the hidden meaning I want to be represented in each visual. For example, for the word ‘friends’, I want to use a holographic, a reflective material, to show how one could change based on their surroundings. The material was chosen because it could change white light into another color. Not only that, I had chosen this material due to its flexibility. I wanted to twist the strips of the holographic sheet to show how in every friendship there will always be challenges. The holographic material could also contain a more figurative meaning. Holographic material can shine with just minimal light and this is used to tell the audience how one person does not necessarily need a lot of light to support them and that they should just be themselves and pursue what they like. As I wanted my project to have a more literal meaning, I decided to include a light source, as one of my main visuals is “light”. Therefore, I wanted to use light to urge the audience to see the bright side because to me, whenever light is present, I always feel a sense of contentment. I also wanted the audience to shut the light around them and use the light emitted from the product. This is to follow the meaning of exposing your inner light or in other words your inner self.


How did you choose to connect/ or not connect the pieces to each other?

I wanted to connect all of my pieces because I thought all of my keywords represent important aspects of a person’s life. Therefore, I decided to find a prevalent issue that everyone struggles with – which is hiding our own identity. I came up with this theme because of the word “hidden feelings”, and the word light. These two words create a very different meaning and visual images, as light is more in-your-face whereas hidden feelings are someone who is more laid-back and private. To me, the contrast between these two words links to a person being someone else just for the sake of fitting in with other people. My other word, flower, could mean both good and bad things. However, as I wanted my piece to present purity and courage, I decided to use baby’s breath flowers. Baby’s breath flowers is a small white flower that represents the meaning of purity and love and with this meaning, I wanted to urge the audience that sometimes being who they are is a good thing. Another visual image, friends, is again, another very important aspect of a person’s life and it is known that one’s insecurity level rises or lowers according to who they are friends with. However, when friends come into a picture, they are accompanied by challenges and therefore I wanted to use my next keyword ‘different shapes’ to show the challenge that every friendship faces.


How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work?

Personally, when I first showcased my work, I felt a sense of nervousness, as I was afraid that I have a product that appeared to be overly simple. Not only that, I had doubts that the message I want to send out to the audience was not strong or relevant enough for my peers to fully understand the piece. As my piece could be controlled through a remote, I was fearful that the students would be so engrossed in with the technological part of my project that they’ve completely missed the main message that I’m trying to portray. After presenting my work, I was particularly nervous as no one was commenting on my piece so I felt slightly miserable as I thought that my project wasn’t a very good project.


If there was something that you could have shared with your viewers to bring additional context or understanding, what would it be?

I think a presentation would be sufficient to fully portray what I’m trying to say. There’s bound to be factors that I want to be known to my audience regarding my piece but whenever I speak in front of an audience, I tend to forget about the things I want to say.


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