Bridge 3 Process Documentation

Research Question: To what extent is green buildings effective in a hot and humid climate like Malaysia?]

Source Material: Annotated Bibliography-1ykipj9

Creation Process:

Picking materials

  • Primary Source: using recyclable materials to make a building more sustainable and therefore I decided to use plastic.


Building the exterior of the building

Features installed inside the building

  • Secondary source: in Malaysia, people use an air conditioner to increase ventilation so that the indoor air quality goals are met. Thus, I have decided to incorporate fans and a waterfall in the building to increase ventilation within the building without using up too much energy.


Final Product

  • Primary source: According to Tang, one of the executive secretary working in the Green Building Initiative team in Malaysia mentioned that LED lights could reduce carbon emission by almost 80%, therefore I used LED lights as an installation to not only save energy but to also act as one of the building’s main feature.
  • Secondary source: 50% of the energy in Malaysia goes to airconditioning – therefore, I decided to fog up the plastic.
  • Secondary source: using green materials – therefore I used a type of material that doesn’t soak up too much water, as Malaysia is very humid.
  • Secondary source: Photovoltaic panels are effective in absorbing solar energy to generate electricity, thus I decided to cover my building’s roofs with photovoltaic panels.

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