Bridge 3 Reflection – April 2019

1. Please identify (at least) one way in which creating visualizations (as a form of annotation) supports your research/ creative process.

Creating visualizations has supported my research process as it allowed me to be able to see things in real life, for example, as I was working with how green buildings could work in a hot and humid climate like Malaysia, I was able to use external light (my flash) to see how the light is being reflected indoors. This was particularly helpful as it provided me with an opportunity to determine an object’s position. Another example being as one of my research data has required me to determine the indoor air quality of my building, and therefore through the creation of my product, I could efficiently situate the fan and fountain so that the wind power could pick up the moisture from the fountain and keep the surroundings cool.


2. What was surprising/ interesting to you about the connections you made between sources as you organized your visualizations in the collection/ in the box?

For me, it was really straightforward as to how I wanted to organize my visualizations. As my research question is about whether green buildings would be sustainable in a hot and humid climate like Malaysia, I have learnt a lot of features about green buildings and how it may potentially be effective in Malaysia. Therefore, I have decided to organize and include all of the sources into an actual green building. What was surprising to me was the creation process of the building, as I kept finding ways to ensure each source connects to the next in an aesthetically and visually pleasing way. Not only that, I had to organize them in a way so that wind could flow properly in the building. While deciding, I find myself constantly visualizing this building of mine, and through that, I was able to organize the features inside the green building.


3. What inspired you in the work of one of your colleagues? (Was it a question, a research area, a source, how the collection was organized, the craft or techniques used?) (If you take a photo of their work, please ask permission first.)

The work that has really inspired and caught my attention was the work of one of the students that were working with how the production of clothing has created pollution in our surroundings. This work was so captivating due to the representation of his research, as he has decided to showcase them in both an abstract and literal way which I thought was interesting. Mainly, I loved how he used a beige-coloured material to create abstract waves that provided an illusion to a shirt. On it, he has included sewing threads, which was a literal way of representing how the piece is related to clothing. He also connected all of his threads to a single pole and it was his way of saying how all of the pollutions is caused by industries. Not only that, most of his project’s features’ colour scheme really complimented each other.

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