IS2: Green Sustainability of Petronas Twin Towers – May 2019

Project Statement:

Sustainable development has been a national focal point in Malaysia for years. With current and previous infrastructures being exemplary samples for the progress for green buildings, the tallest building in Malaysia, The Petronas Twin towers still remain as the heart of sustainability in the country. Through the analysis of the building’s materials, and sustainable design features like photovoltaic cells, daylight harvesting system and LED lights, The Petronas Twin Towers is deemed to be not only one of the more sustainable buildings in Malaysia but also a perfect representation of the country’s Islamic culture.


My project features an analytical magazine regarding the sustainability of Petronas Twin Towers, and it provides some of the environmentally-friendly features within the building, with an exclusive interview from the architect, César Pelli regarding his inspiration behind this amazing invention.

With that, comparisons are being made with a research paper on whether green buildings will be effective in Malaysia due to its hot and humid weather, putting an emphasis on the results like percentage reduction in energy intake, a decrease in carbon emissions and the method used for energy generation. As a result, a conclusion that green buildings are effective in a tropical climate like Malaysia is made.


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