Artist Discovery Reflection – May 2019

Through entering my inspiration keyword into google, a lot of the artists’ chosen was done through google images or news articles. It usually depends on my level of interest with what the art piece offers. As someone who is not familiar with many architects and their works, the projects that I tend to lean to are mostly architectural due to my passion in the field. My inspiration keyword is usually related to my everyday life or is something that I’m looking forward to, for example, me travelling to Bali during the summer and hence the keyword ‘villa’ due to the island being a tourist destination.

This process has taught me different artists’ styles, their thought processes while designing the piece and their main source of inspiration. It was really fascinating to see how although architects work in the same field, their approach to a specific project will always be different. One of the other things that I have learned is the importance of customer relations and project requirements. Nowadays, a lot of buildings constructed are mainly surrounded by what the customer wants and their needs. Thus, this has taught me that the process of designing and figuring out the cost of materials and etc is really important as this is where most of the designs and alterations happen. This design process really shows the thinking process of a person and how they could manipulate a thing into becoming something different. I have never found process documentation to be important, but through researching different artists, it has made me realize the significance of progress documentation. In all of the artist discovery posts, I find myself being attracted to modern-style, futuristic yet environmental buildings, one being Stefano Boeri’s ‘The Green Cathedral’. The Green Cathedral is a building built for InHolland, a university institute that seeks to build a sustainable and pleasant working space for the teachers and students to have the ability to collaborate in education and research.

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