IS2 Studio Final Reflection – May 2019


2. What learning/ learning topic or learning process did you find yourself using throughout the semester?

Constantly evaluating my work and changing things. As someone who finds it hard to stick to a specific format, I tend to find that my creativity flows better subconsciously when I’m making the product as I am often a visual learner and interpreter. Also, for most of my work, I try to find a balance the product’s content, for example, for my magazine that I made for Bridge 4, I made sure that there is a balance between statistics and words. Berger’s portrayal of imagery could be commonly viewed from different angles, and I feel that at times I try to tackle this concept whenever I make an art project. I would always ensure that whenever someone would view my product, they get to gain a different perspective on it as I find that a very fascinating thing.  Similarly, like the strategy of DAI. DAI is very useful in ensuring that we analyze and consider all different types of things whilst showing our interpretation of a particular thing. For example, I always find it useful to interpret things in different ways but using different imagery to portray a ‘hidden meaning’ that I want my audience to search for. This characteristic is highly influenced by illustrator artist Rafael Lopez, as he tend to use different items to signify something deeper.

3. Where did you use the learning area (in life, in class, in other classes)?

The technique of re-evaluating and changing things is used in most of my other classes and in life. While making decisions in life, I try to evaluate most of my decisions and weigh out the pros and cons. This could be both useful and bad as it leads to overthinking and the fear of taking risks. However, it is arguably one of my better qualities as I try to minimize the damage and faults that occur in the products I make, and would always try to make something out of my best capability.

4.  If you could tell future students anything from what you learned during this year, what would it be? (Not just in this class – but overall in life about first year at college.)

Try to do the best in every project received because in the end, everything will be worth it and that your teacher is really here to help you even if you don’t think they are. Also, try to finish all of your work on time and don’t pile things up till the end!

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