NYC Drinking Water – Strategy Paper


  1. Establish system within consumable water that we want to research
    1. Catskill, Croton, Delaware
  2. Establish sources of research and data
    1. Websites of those reservoirs and research made on health conditions of New York water
  3. Gather data on approach of consumable water preservation
    1. Types of storage
    2. How is water preserved
    3. Chemical vs Natural vs Filtered
    4. Impact on human health
    5. Key components to preservation
    6. Distribution
    7. Amounts of consumed water
    8. Good consumption vs Waste
  4. Poster
    1. Establish design
    2. Establish data we wish to highlight

We are going to focus on the three main reservoirs of New York which are the Catskill, the Delaware, and Croton reservoirs. We also are going to look at the health and safety conditions of the tap water in New York, how the state and/or makes sure the water is drinkable and how they clean the water.

Adeline is working with Miriam on the main bulk of the research portion of the project. Herbert is working on an animation that we can later use for the poster using a QR code. Miriam is also going to make and send out a survey asking people how they drink their water (tap, bottled, self-filtered). Together we will all work on the design aspect of the poster.

What will we do when water runs out locally/globally is a fundamental question we often might want to consider asking ourselves on those around us. As the human species continues to overpopulate and not consider our vital resources such as consumable water, we will need to come up with innovative time and life saving solutions to save ourselves.

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