Climate Change

This article provided me with a different look and take on climate change as it examines both the impact of climate change on both developed and non-developed countries. I particularly agree with the solution of adaption for people in developing countries as in my perspective, although there are things that could be done to tackle climate change, the effect will only be evident in the long run. Thus, through the introduction of adaption, people who live in poverty would gain the knowledge to protect themselves. Through statistics and diagrams, this article has also provided me with a lot of insight as to how severe the problem is and through that, I was reminded of the heatwave that hit both New York and London this summer. Through these facts, I had also realized how interconnected everything is. For example, during a heatwave, people would require more electricity to generate cool air, and the increased use of electricity would lead to an increase in CO2. One of the facts that was really shocking to me, however, was the fact that the sea level is predicted to rise 8 centimetres by 2020. This reality has made me thought about the Maldives and how it might potentially sink in less than 10 years.

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