Field Research Poster (NYC Water System)


My group wanted to look into the background of the drinking water in New York City. As most of the team members have different timetables, we decided to approach the project by assigning different tasks to everyone based on what they’re interested in or good at. I did most of the research as I was really intrigued as to how the water was being filtered. Miriam did the survey while Herbert worked on an animation which we planned to attach to our poster through the usage of a QR code. Vivian’s task was to simplify the research information and Saskia created the poster. In the end, the rest of the group revised over her design ideas to achieve a final product that all of us is happy with.

In our poster, we decided to include the information that we consider crucial to understanding the system. Firstly, we covered the main source in which New York City get their drinking water from and the companies that control them. The name of the three reservoirs (Catskill, Delaware, and Croton Reservoirs) and the percentage of water each reservoir controls were also shown. We also included the advantages and disadvantages of chlorine, which is a chemical element used to disinfect our drinking water. To make this poster more reliable, we also included our survey results analysing how the residents in New York prefer to drink their water, and they had three options to choose from (tap, bottled or self-filtered). Also, we decided to include several unknown fun facts about the poster to attract the viewers’ attention. The bibliography was also added at the corner of the poster to enhance its reliability.

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