Natural Dye Proposal

Regarding my natural dye project, we are required to test the water PH level from three different rivers around New York (East River, Gowanus Canal, and Prospect Park Lake) and bottled water. I started brainstorming the different ways in which I could portray the findings of my experiment as seen in Figure 1. My strategy to approach this project is to create a physical model of a building using chipboard and incorporate the colours tested onto the facade or interior of the building. During the research process of NYC’s drinking water, I found out that the system’s function is based highly on gravity. Through this idea, I wanted my building to have a strong sense of gravitational support, for example, the building could be supported through the use of columns or it could be a bottom-heavy building. To correspond to the movement of the water, I wanted the facade of my building to include some sort of fluidity element to resonate with the dynamic movement of water. For example, similarly to Zaha Hadid where she uses parametric forms for the facade of some of her projects. The product would be portrayed through the use of chipboard as it is a more sustainably-friendly material in comparison to other materials like wood, and it is also recyclable. This is particularly important as it relates to the big picture of how water right now is being polluted due to the use of non-recyclable materials like plastic, or how through the use of wood, there is a higher rate of deforestation.


To display this project, I plan to lay the model on a table accompanied by the floor plans and sectional cuts of the building so that the viewers would have a better understanding of how the building would be structured both internally and externally. Material options or material mood board would also be included to allow viewers to better visualize how the building would look like, and each material’s structural capability would be presented to further enhance the idea of it being a building with strong gravitational energy.

Figure 1: Brainstorm process

Figure 2: Proposal

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