Cooper Hewitt Exhibitions

This piece showcases an artificial shoreline defence that works with the surrounding ecosystem, and it utilizes different models and painting to portray the pieces’ inter-connected relationship. Through the use of models, this project acts as a crucial inspiration to my work as the current project that I’m working on in relation to the water pollution in New York City would utilize a similar concept where small architectural models would be used. I was particularly intrigued by how the artist utilized a painting to connect the individual pieces together and also to show how they would operate in a real-life scenario. The connection of pieces also acted as a crucial piece of inspiration as in my perspective, through the use of water, the artist injected a sense of fluidity that fitted well with the movement of water. The inclusion of dynamism into a two-dimensional art piece is a factor that I’m very interested in but have not mastered. Another factor that attracted me to this art piece is its colour palette. The subtle use of juxtaposition of warm colour tones to cool colour tones really helped to bring the viewer’s attention towards the main component – which is the models. This subtle technique of shifting focus is an aspect that I want to include in my project and could be a useful tool while building an infrastructure.


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