Houston Flood Article Response

Since young, when it comes to the knowledge of flooding, I’ve always thought that to tackle this problem, one would have to create more or larger channels to move water away from the city so that the built environment in which humans situate in would not be affected. However, this article has not only proved me wrong, but it has also drawn out this wicked problem. This article was interesting because it illustrated different perspectives on ways to tackle the flood problem, which allowed me to shape my own thoughts. The idea of slowing the velocity of water to control the level of flooding in the city really intrigued me. I thought that the slowing of water would only affect the speed at which the flooding occurs, and not solve the problem as the water would have nowhere to move to. Also, in my perspective, the government would have to do more than reducing impervious surfaces to cure Houston’s major flooding problem. They would have to invest more money into the method of reusing water and acknowledge the fact that if they do not put funds into tackling this issue, the cost of reconstructing infrastructures would allow them to incur an equal amount of damage.

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