Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Reflection



Newton Creek Field Trip is one of my favourite field trips as I have always been interested in how New York City filters their water and being able to see it in real life was incredible. Although we had previously researched the city’s water system, there was so many shocking facts regarding water that I did not know about. For example, per day, the city uses 570 billion gallons of water, which is equivalent to 880,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Another shocking information would be the leak in the Delaware Aqueduct, with 20 million gallons of water released through leaking. The first thing that really attracted to me to the building was the entrance. As the entrance was wavy with water coming out from both sides, it really enhanced the experience of the space. Also, the sidebars are high enough for people to sit at, which could be a very relaxing factor. However, what really attracted me was the digester eggs that are used to digest sludge. The product would then be used as fertilizer, which is super sustainable. We also saw the views of the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens skylines through the observation deck built atop of the digester eggs. One of the things that was shocking was the amount of electricity and power used in the water facility, and it has led me to wonder whether there is a more sustainable approach.

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