Reflection – Climate Change & Cities

Part III. 4&7:

Climate change is such a crucial problem occurring in our society nowadays. After reading through the paper Climate Change & Cities, there was a lot of factors in which I strongly agree with.

One of the solutions provided in the article where they mentioned that passive methods that could be used to cool buildings are shading, natural ventilation, placement of nearby trees, permeable pavements and more could reduce the need for air-conditioning. I do agree with this statement to a certain point. As someone who came from Malaysia, a country with a humid tropical climate, I could say that this method could work but only to a certain extent. As there are a lot of trees in Malaysia that were used for shading and permeable pavements, there is still a high demand for air-conditioner due to the intense humidity and heat within the city. Therefore, it could be argued that although this method could work in one country effectively, it might not necessarily have the same impact in another country.

However, I do agree that lack of information is one of the main barriers as to why is a lack of effective response to climate change in cities. For example, in Indonesia, farmers and plantation owners and constantly deforestation and burning forests to make new fields for palm oil. This happens because farmers do not earn enough money to sustain all of the crops so whenever a big firm approaches them and provides them with enough pension to survive, they would find small ways to start a fire to make new fields. This is due to the lack of information regarding global warming and subsidies provided by the government to the farmers working.

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