Project 2 – Natural Dye

For my Natural Dye Project, I decided to do a rendering of office space for the people working at the Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. When I first visited the place, I felt that there wasn’t an office styled workplace for the workers and the place itself was also a very hard place to access to due to the fact that it is very hard to schedule an appointment to visit there. Therefore, I wanted to create a building to create awareness of the PH level of our water, let the workers have a place to work as well as to create a more accessible visitor centre. The glass of my building would be the PH value of the most polluted river in New York City.


When we first went to the Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the features of the buildings that attracted me the most was the entrance. The entrance was curvy with seating areas and it was one of the elements that I wanted to incorporate in my building. Also, to ensure that this building is sustainable, I try to incorporate natural light as the building’s main light source so that there is a reduced need for electricity. I also created a video to allow better visualization for my audiences, and become more engaged with it as section cuts and floor plans may be confusing to some people.


In my building, I decided to split it into different levels, where level 1 acts as the main entrance where visitors would be greeted and etc. Level 2 would be the working and resting spaces for the employees, level 3 is the place for the main controllers and systems where they ensure water stability and the functionality of each water pumps in different areas within the city, level 4 is the visitor centre where they could not only have an outdoor area but also a view to the control room and level 5 is also a visitor centre with most of the information regarding the water system in New York City.






I decided to use this way of creating awareness as I felt that it was the easiest and fastest way to spread awareness. By having an office where the employees and community could coexist while spreading awareness about the different rivers and drinking water in New York City could be an effective way of engaging the public with the community that understands the system the best.

Final Outcome:




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