Protecting Priceless Art From Natural Disasters Reflection

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There is a new Whitney Museum of American Art built toward the Southern end of the High Line, and its ship-like shape has sparked conversations amongst many critics. As the discussion mainly surrounded the structure of the building, the building’s custom flood-mitigation system was dismissed. This feature was built in during construction process due to the 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit, which flooded the museum with five million gallons of water.

This building acted as an inspiration to many museums in New York. With its lobby designed to be water-tight against a flood level of 16.5 feet to wall and door both designed to withstand 6,750 pounds of impact from debris, the museum really acted as a major effort into addressing a crucial problem of global warming. I was deeply intrigued by how they were able to incorporate so many features that address these problems while allowing the building to look aesthetically pleasing.

The Whitney museum stands as an architectural inspiration to all and the buildings in New York or around the world could be well-protected if more money was invested in making it work. However, evidently, the rise of the museum has inspired other museums as in 2013, the Perez Art Museum in Miami features hurricane-resistant glass and a hanging garden to withstand hurricane winds.

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