Ten Billion + Dickson Despommier Reflection

On Dickson Despommier’s presentation, he discusses climate change and the different effects and problems in which climate change brings to different parts of the world. In the long run, he believes that these problems would lead to an exponential increase in environmental problem like flooding, air pollution, water pollution and more. Thus, he proposed the idea of urban metamorphosis. Urban metamorphosis is essentially an idea that overlooks the essentials that our buildings should possess and that is that every city building should be able to sequester carbon, generate energy, harvest rainwater, and produce food while being able to store and share excess energy, water, and food. All of these features are characteristics that trees provide and therefore by transforming the buildings to suit those criteria, it would improve the problem of global warming.

There was a lot of shocking facts in his presentation, and one that stuck through was how 3 trillion trees were lost due to urbanization and farming. One of the apartment buildings that really struck out to me was The Farmhouse by Precht. The Farmhouse is an apartment building that accommodates all of the criteria above and it is a conceptual modular system that allows people to grow food in their residential tower blocks while being able to eat and share it with their local community.

The Farmhouse vertical farm concept by PrechtThe Farmhouse vertical farm concept by Precht

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