Elements that define my building:

  • Transparency through the walkway (being able to see through the practice rooms) and this is done through the use of glass
  • Rooftop – an area for performance/ outdoor potluck/ relax area
    • Manipulation of my strip system to create outdoor seating area


Important Sections

  • Cutting through the walkway to reveal the idea of my parti (which is transparency through the organization of practice rooms)
  • Exterior façade system (perforated brick walls)
  • The creation of sitting areas outdoor through the manipulation of my system – and how it cuts through the retaining wall leading you into the lower ground floor.


Detailed Drawing List:

  • How glass panels meet the flooring (interior) and the exterior wall
  • Perspective section of the walkway with the practice rooms
  • Show how light hits the brick wall to create different shadows (created through perforated brick wall)
  • Assembly of how my strip panel is connecting into the ground and altered to create steps.

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