Guided Tour

We decided to take our group to st. Germain area because our initial idea related to the alternative  guidebook focused on comparing past with present. We wanted to show our peers that the literary atmosphere that was there during 1920s has disappeared and   these few cafes were G. Appolinaire, P. Picasso, J.P.Sartre, E. Hemingway and many others liked to spend time, now are only touristic crap.


Firstly we introduced the subject to our class by giving them some interesting information related to place and people. During this nice introduction we played some nice jazz  related to the  era and give out some typical French snacks like croissants and pain au chocolate. They were packed in  to paper bags with interesting drawings of Picasso and Matisse as well as quotes.

In order to make the group more involved we asked them to walk around there cafes : Cafe de Flore, Les deux Magots and Brasserie Lipp and take pictures throughout the old black and white photos.

It was a nice experience, full of unexpected surprises and with overall uncommon atmosphere.

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